Seven Second Memory

Dementia, not cancer, is now the greatest fear for the over-55s

Losing Your Memory means Losing Yourself.
Learn how to Fight Back.

Our new science reveals that you can:

Regrow Your Brain. It’s the Best Non-Prescription Protection against Alzheimer’s Disease.

Regrowing your brain network is possible.
We’ll teach you how to regrow your brain to improve your memory, reduce your brain age, and perform better than ever.


Dear Fellow Baby Boomer,

For years we’ve been told that once you lose your brain cells they are gone forever.
That when get older your brain will decay and gradually, inevitably you will lose your memory – even your sense of who you are.

The good news is, it’s not the number of brain cells that determines your intelligence, memory and ability to learn new skills -
NO – it’s the number of connections between the cells.

The great news is that you can train your brain to build new connections, increase your brain’s power and its physical size.
As a result, you can have a more effective memory and sharper thinking at any age.

Let’s put the myth to rest once and for all:
While you do lose brain cells as you get older, you do NOT need to lose your brain’s capabilities.

So let’s talk a bit about how this is possible:

Each brain cell is called a neuron and each of the little branches coming off it that look like tree roots is called a dendrite.
It’s the number of dendrites coming off the neurone and connecting to the other ones that gives your brain its amazing capabilities.

Let me say that again: It’s the number of connections, not the number of brain cells.

In the diagram you can see the difference between a neuron that has been trained and one that has not. The difference is staggering.

In the diagram you can see the difference between a neuron that has been trained and one that has not. The difference is staggering.


Take a look at the picture above and see the difference between a brain cell that has been effectively trained and one that’s been allowed to sit inactive. It’s pretty stunning.

A trained brain is actually denser and weighs more than if it is untrained.

You can train your brain to make new connections effectively and more easily.

If you don’t train your brain you won’t build as many connections and your brain will simply not work as well.
It will decay as you get older.

My mission is to make sure that the new, real, effective science gets out of the lab and turned into simple techniques that you can use for a few minutes a day to grow new brain connections and as a result make a real difference to your memory, your thinking, your ability to learn and the rest of your life.

Before I was a private school principal I was a teacher, so let’s learn a simple, powerful technique right now:

Memory Capacity Improvement Technique #1:

How To Use Your Hands To Train Your Brain

Every day you expect your memory to automatically record the things you want to remember. I don’t mean the one-off’s like the details of an important deal, or an address you are going to give the Rotary Club (I have other techniques I can teach for you for those) – I mean simple things like where you left your car keys, your son’s new telephone number or what you went to the store to buy!

If your memory is letting you down on these ‘little’ things that actually matter a lot, then it is a sign that your brain is getting out of shape. Try this technique the next time you take off your glasses, or put your car keys down. It has helped me and now I tell everyone to try it.

You can exercise your brain and improve your memory by switching your preferred hand.

You can exercise your brain and improve your memory by switching your preferred hand.


Use your other hand! That’s right – not the one you automatically use, the other one. You’ll be surprised to find that doing something unusual (even as simple as using the other hand) will alert your brain to remember.

You are actively ‘creating a memory trace’, and when you go to find the item again, you will remember where it was placed. When you are distracted – thinking or doing something else – when you put down the car keys, your brain discards that briefest of memory traces within a second or so. So you forget!

AAlways be conscious of creating memory traces. For the best remembering, use your other hand and say out loud, “I am putting my car keys on the table with my other hand” – this way you create two memory traces which reinforce each other!

You have not only remembered where you put your keys, you have rebuilt and strengthened an important little corner of your brain.

You don’t have to just accept that as you get older you will get slower.

An Older Brain Can Be Trained To Perform Even Better Than When You Were Twenty Years Younger.

Ever noticed that your general knowledge, mental arithmetic and spelling seem to be more accurate than the young people serving you in the supermarket or fast food outlet? They need a calculator to add up your pizza bill long after you’re already sorting out the right payment. Or you are calling out answers in quiz shows, or spelling bees, long before the contestants can summon up their thoughts? You were trained to do those things in a way that doesn’t feature so much in education now. With new technology, though, the story is different. Young ones have grown up in a digital world; it’s their natural environment. But they switch from one thing to another so quickly – I’ve heard it called ‘twitch speed’ – that it is almost impossible for them to remember it all without training.

It’s true that a younger, untrained brain will beat an older untrained brain, but an older trained brain will beat a young untrained one every time.

That’s why you’re smarter than your kids and your younger colleagues when it comes to stuff you know well, while they seem to pick up new things so quickly, they don’t always retain it accurately.

Where your brain is trained you win hands down. Where it’s not, they win. As you get older you need to train your brain to get better at learning and remembering new things to counteract the gradual decline that accompanies age.

But, if you train effectively (and it’s amazingly easy to do when you know how), then you can do better than an untrained young person, certainly much better than you are doing now, and even better than you ever have been before.

How To Insure Your Brain Against Future Losses

You wouldn’t dream of driving your car without insurance. Or leaving your home for a lengthy time without insurance. Or face older age without health insurance. For peace of mind, insurance is essential. Yet I’m astonished at how many people don’t understand about making provision for protection against Alzheimer’s. You don’t need pills for this. Just action!

A fit, trained brain has a brain decay insurance policy.

If you have a genetic susceptibility to something like Alzheimer’s (and maybe it’s watching Mom or Dad slipping that’s got you worried) you can delay any performance hit from any decay that might eventuate by getting your brain into really good shape in advance.

You Can Train Your Memory To Do Much More With A Little Less

Boomers can learn to do much more with a little less. Only around 15% of muscle loss is due to aging – the rest is down to lack of ongoing training.

A colleague of mine, who helped me make this website, hurt his back quite badly.
So now he has to exercise every day just to be able to keep on being able to walk.

The irony is that he’s now fitter than he’s been in years; perhaps ever.
The very real fear of not being able to walk has finally driven him to exercise.
Now he can lift heavier weights and exercise for longer than before his injury.

How To Build Your Brain Into A Powerful Machine That Does Your Bidding

The brain seems like a pretty mysterious thing, but scientists like my sister Ally, have made huge advances in understanding how the machinery of it works.

When you learn something new you are physically changing your brain.
You’re not just changing the program running on it, you are actually upgrading the computer so everything runs better.
If you train your brain the right way you build a machine that helps you.
If you don’t train it, or train it the wrong way, you’re building a machine that will let you down.

Memory Capacity Improvement Technique #2:

The Seven Second Rule: Goldfish or Elephant?

Have you ever been told that you have the memory of a goldfish? There used to be a story going around that goldfish only have a 3 second memory. Well, just like the inevitable brain decay in over fifties, it turns out not to be true. Goldfish can remember for as long as three months. Still, it would be better to never forget like an elephant than to be teased for being like a goldfish.

The truth is that it takes seven seconds for your brain to process information you want to remember.
Seven seconds – try counting that out now. It’s quite a long time, isn’t it?
If you pay attention to what it is you want to remember for seven seconds then you will be able to recall almost anything that is important to you.

In the training material I go into more details about why that is so, and what you can do to trick your brain into remembering things easily.

You will learn how to focus, highlight and retain.
With the right training in memory highlighting techniques you will change the way you act, and the way you think when there is something special you need to remember.
And this is just ONE of the easy memory techniques you will quickly master until they become second nature to you.

So What Makes Me An Expert?

Perhaps it was my mother’s determination to keep her memory active and her mind alert that inspired my sister’s study of neuroscience and her PhD research into the effects of aging on memory.

Each night my mother would count backwards by sevens and do other mental exercises the way that a retired gymnast continues her daily stretching ritual long after she has retired.

Regardless of what initially inspired her, my sister Ally went on to gain her PhD and was invited to bring her findings to scientific audiences around the world, (where she’s known more formally as Dr Allison C. Lamont).

So Who Exactly Are These Seven Second Memory Sisters?

Thousands of people could answer these questions for you! But here is a quick summary:

Dr Allison Lamont, PhD (Psychology), MA (Hons), MNZAC, MNZPsS, is internationally known for her research into age-related memory loss. Her research, published by Verlag in Germany in March, 2008, excited great interest because of the focus she gave to the precise memory skills needed for independent living in older-old age. As a consequence, she has presented at world conferences in the USA, Scotland and New Zealand and her research sells through and a host of other book stores. She is a practicing psychotherapist in Christchurch, New Zealand and is a director of the Healthy Memory Company Ltd.
Gillian M. Eadie, MEd, BA, LTCL, HFNZCS, Churchill Millennium Fellow, has been a teacher, administrator and school principal for more than 35 years. Also an international presenter in education and ICT, Gillian has taught young people from elementary to senior high school and has a passionate interest in how people of all ages learn best. She chaired the University of Auckland Human Participant Ethics committee, which approves university research, and manages the Confucius Institute in Auckland. On hearing of Dr. Lamont’s work on Memory and the Brain, she became committed to ensuring that baby-boomers, worldwide, gain the benefit of these new research findings. Boomers can push back memory loss and retain their youthful memory skills.

What Makes The Seven Second Memory Training So Different?

As I’ve learned by researching the other products available on the Internet, anyone can hire someone to ghost-write a book on a subject that is concerning a lot of people and sell it online. But most of them are written by unqualified and often unethical wannabe entrepreneurs (snake-oil sellers might be more accurate) who are simply out to make a quick buck.

My sister and I are putting our own names on this material and backing it with our reputations built-up over decades of work in science and education.

Our work is motivated by a genuine desire to help the largest generation ever heading into their 50s and 60s, (with parents heading into their 80s and 90s), preserve and enhance their memory and mental performance. We want you to go on to even greater things rather feeling your capabilities slipping away, or watching your parents struggling instead of living.

Not all of our material is free because we want to be able to afford to stop our other projects and focus on spreading the information as widely as possible. At the moment we’re spending much more in developing world-class material than we’re taking in from promoting it.

What is it that is worrying you?

Whether you’re here today because the credit crunch has hurt your 401K and you need to work 5 years longer than you had planned, or because you love your job and find meaning in your work, and you don’t want to be pushed out in the next round of ageist restructuring, or because you’re worried that your mother is starting to struggle with independent living because her memory is slipping – you’ve come to the right place.

  • I really want to help. We will help you.
  • Are you losing your glasses? Your car keys?
  • Do you forget the names of new colleagues as soon as you are introduced?
  • Are you forgetting what you were looking for when you enter a room?
  • Do you forget the names of people you should have remembered?
  • Are you having trouble finding the word you want to use? It’s stuck on the tip of your tongue.
  • Did you forget to take your supplements?
  • Do you go to the store for milk, and buying everything but?
  • Are you having trouble remembering appointments?
  • Are you forgetting important birthdays and anniversaries
  • Are you unsure if you left the gas on?
  • Do you sometimes forget to add the attachment before you sent an email?

So, what’s happening to you? Is it Alzheimer’s?
Are you just losing your edge or is it the end of your career?

In October of last year the American Academy of Neurology came out with this stunning headline:
“Occasional Memory Loss Tied to Lower Brain Volume”

The study released in Neurology journal shows that you are not alone: of the 500 people tested aged over fifty, 453 of them had occasional memory or thinking problems. What is disturbing and exciting is that this was linked to smaller brain volumes. It is disturbing because it reveals that occasional memory lapses and thinking problems may be the earliest indication of brain decay and shrinkage. It is exciting because new research shows that the brain can be trained to grow again – with the right training you can increase the physical size of your brain.

Beginning to forget things is not enough to diagnose Alzheimer’s and in most cases Alzheimer’s is not the cause.

But it is a wake-up call.

Either your brain is out of shape and the wiring patterns are decaying or you are not using your brain effectively enough. You can recover from both of these causes with the correct training.

Not only can you regain lost performance, you can perform better than you did when you were years younger – better than you ever have.

Let’s take a look at each of these areas in turn and look at what we can do to get you super sharp: Brain Growth: Rewiring Your Neurons and Fast Access Memory: Make Your Brain Remember.

Alzheimer’s Warning

Included in the training material is a checklist to go through to help evaluate whether you should seek medical advice relating to Alzheimer’s worries.

If you can’t wait any longer to find out, please buy the kit.

Brain Growth: Rewiring Your Neurons

Up until the release of brand new brain research it was believed that the brain stopped growing in your youth and only decayed after that. A bleak picture. We now know that the brain can be trained to regrow its neural connections which will result in new brain tissue, size and effectiveness.

Your entire body is made up of billions of cells, and 100 billion of those make up your fascinating brain. But it is not the number of brain neuron cells that gives your brain its amazing capability – it is the vast network of connections between them that does. Each neuron connects on average to 1,000 others. It is the decay in these connections that is blunting the edge of your thinking and memory. These connections can be regrown. That is how you rewire your brain.

Fast Access Memory: Make Your Brain Remember

Your brain is designed to forget things. That’s right – to forget, not to remember. To remember something you need to make your brain remember it, rather than just hoping it will. Being able to remember well requires you to overcome the way your brain is designed to work and that’s what I’ll show you today.

By default your brain just throws away most information. You’re lucky it does. Imagine what would happen if you consciously remembered every single thing you have seen, heard, tasted, felt or touched since the day you were born! Your memory would be in a state of constant overload and, just like an over-full hard-drive, your thinking would slow down and so would you.

Do you really want to wade through all of that just to find the place where you stored the address of your home? In today’s world, you are bombarded with so much information all the time – from the media, Internet, email, mobile messaging and so on, that forgetting is as essential as remembering. Your brain protects you and let’s it all go, unless you take positive action. The trick is to consciously file the information you’ll need again.

Brain Training for a Lower Brain Age

You need to train your brain to remember the key information that you highlight, and apply the highlighting techniques habitually so that you can effortlessly remember and recall important information.

By establishing the right memory habits you will make sure your brain remembers the things that are important to you, while it protects you from lapses of memory that are, at best, embarrassing or at worst may lead to disastrous, long-lasting consequences.

Memory Lapses: reduce your brain age through training

You see, many people take those annoying memory lapses lightly.
They think that it’s just part of getting older and that nothing can be done.
And, if they do nothing about it, then they will be right. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.
They will lose the ability to think and recall as well as they did when they were young.

But you’re here visiting my website today because you want to take action and regenerate your brain, your memory and your thinking so that you’re sharper than you’ve ever been before.

First impressions count:

“They all think that a quick memory means a sharp mind.”

People you’ve met expect you to remember them.
At work, you are expected to remember faces, details, appointments and names.
How quick and accurate your memory is makes up the public face of your intelligence.

People think that a good memory equates to a smart mind.
When your memory lets you down at work it can be embarrassing and even damaging to your career.
Don’t lose confidence – not only in the moment, but about yourself in general.

When your memory is sharp, people will rely on you.
They will value your part in the team and the will feel valued by you.
They trust that you are on top of your game.
Everyone likes a person who remembers all the small things like phone numbers, birthdays and kids’ names, right?

Youthful Memory: Promotions and Perceptions

Bosses rely on employees remembering customers, plans, figures and details of strategies.
There’s no room for forgetfulness at work. A good memory gets rewards.

Have you ever wondered why some people never miss a beat, and seem to have facts ready so naturally?
While others hesitate, search for a lost word or have to admit that they can’t remember a name?
It doesn’t seem fair!

Public memory failures are liable to make people perceive you as old, no matter the colour of your hair.
Old and out-of-touch, much more than not knowing what Web 2.0 is.

How do those sharp people do it?
They make remembering look so easy!

When you know how, you will be amazed how easy it is for you, too.
But it doesn’t just happen by itself.
If you stop looking for ways to improve yourself,
and stop trying to find ways to get the success that others enjoy,
your brain realizes “oh-o, there’s going to be a lot less work to do from now on”.
So you start to forget more things. that leads to an old brain age, way before your time.

How youthful your memory is will determine how long you can stay in your job,
the money you make, the lifestyle you can have, the community groups you can help
or even where you can spend your leisure time.
So you need to find out what to do, and do it, without further delay.

Gillian's MotherOur mother using her laptop at 91.

Take my mother, for example. By the age of 90 she was still the family authority on history, literature, spelling and grammar; she had the checkout total before the operator could key the numbers in.She recited poems and lyrics she’d learned at school. She emailed us and submitted articles for her community magazines and she never forgot a face or a name.

She had amazing memory abilities and they stayed with her all those years!

So the big question is… what can you do about this?
Can you master the memory secrets of successful people?
Is there something that average guys can do to reverse memory lapses, quickly and easily?
Can anyone regain that youthful edge in life?

It’s NOT Too Late
to Have the Sharp Thinking and Memory You Want In Your Life!

The simple, clear, scientific fact: With your memory it is ‘use it or lose it’.

All normal adults have memory functions but it is how you use your memory is all important.
We’ll introduce to you the seven powerful memory techniques that will build your brain and change your life.
Once you know what to do, you are on your way.

Seven Seconds to Change Your Life

The truth is that it takes seven seconds for your brain to process information you want to remember.
Seven seconds – try counting that out now. It’s quite a long time, isn’t it?
If you pay attention to what it is you want to remember for seven seconds then you will be able to recall almost anything that is important to you. You will learn how to focus, highlight and retain. With the right training in memory highlighting techniques you will change the way you act, and the way you think when there is something special you need to remember. And this is just ONE of the seven memory techniques you need to master until they are second nature to you.

Success and happiness in life isn’t a matter of chance or birth.

The most successful and wealthy people I know use a few special techniques that give them amazingly youthful memory powers.

And now you can, too.

Dr Lamont, my sister, has completed scientific research that has revealed that in addition to the Seven Key Memory Techniques there are Six Key Memory Skills that form the basis of a youthful mind. She has also found that with regular, easy practice, you can train your brain to actually grow! Every time you train you are developing your youthful brain. We want to make it easy for you to have the lifestyle your youthful brain can make possible for you.

You’ll be able to:

  • Make the changes in your everyday life that will bring remarkable results in your ability to remember
  • Be more purposeful, productive and self confident in making your memory work for you
  • Think more clearly about the actions you need to take to remember with accuracy and precision
  • Improve your mental agility and amaze your friends and family with the details you can recall
  • Prepare yourself to be impressive in your career
  • Tackle new projects, new learning and new data, knowing that you have the memory powers to succeed
  • Trust your memory to support you in public situations – you’ll be as confident, decisive and assertive as everyone else
  • Develop the reputation of never forgetting birthdays, names, faces and facts. You’ll be known for your youthful mind.

Does this seem possible?
I know that you must be thinking that this can’t be real. How could you reverse the effects of aging on your brain and regain the mental powers you had when you were young? And here I am saying that it is possible to achieve easily? Well, I understand why you, as an intelligent adult would be a bit disbelieving.

I really do…

Because I found it really hard to believe, too…

AllisonDr. Allison C. Lamont, co-author Seven Second Memory

When my sister, Dr Allison Lamont, presented her findings last year to international psychological conferences in Atlanta, Georgia, New Zealand and Edinburgh, Scotland, there was great interest in her research. Her discoveries are new. Her research was carried out over a number of years with normal, healthy, talented adults just like you. Ally’s identification of the Six Key Memory Skills that we all need for a youthful brain throughout our lives, has changed the way scientists think about memory regrowth and the aging brain.When I heard her address and read her research, (which, incidentally has been published by Verlag, of Germany and is for sale from Amazon and elsewhere), I realized that this news was too good to keep to ourselves. You, too,needed to know that you are in control of the way your mind works and just how much it can regain its youth.

Simple, Powerful Memory Techniques

Brain ScanBrain density scan

Your brain is an amazing part of you and your memory can be as powerful as you will let it be. Even though it is only 2% of your whole body, your brain uses over 20% of all the energy your body uses every day – so why haven’t you been told about the ways to use your brain and memory to the max? Why has no-one has taught you how to pay close attention for seven seconds to anything you want to remember?

The answer is simple – nobody knew to tell you!

Knowing about the seven second rule is just the beginning!
You will be stunned to find that these simple-to-learn effective techniques and strategies will completely change your life for ever – both personally and professionally.

They will be habit-forming in a good way.

Success Story #1

Dear Gillian,

I’m just writing to thank you for taking the time to translate your research into something practical that I can use.

I was a psychology major at University years ago and I recognize some of the concepts from way back then, but I was never able to
apply the theory of what I learned then into actual techniques and exercises that I could do each day. This gives me a lot more
confidence that I can remember the important stuff! It’s exciting to find out that my brain can actually regrow by training my brain
to remember what I highlight. Keep up the good work. Please let me know if you are you working on any other material as I’ll be first in line for it.

Thanks so much,

Daniel L.
New Zealand

Success Story #2Sally-beauty-therapist

Dear Gillian and Allison,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you –I truly believe your book has made a tremendous impact on the success of our new business. As the clinic manager for a large new Medi-Spa, it is so important that I remember clients’ names especially as we are just building up our client base. I also need to remember the very particular requirements that some of our doctors insist on.

Your book as been invaluable for me, in tuning up my brain so that I can remember all the important things I have to do on a daily basis. I can now do these without having scruffy, unprofessional looking Post It notes stuck up all over the place. The steps were very easy for me to follow, and remember. I also loved the section on the best foods for the brain, and I’m sure that making some of the easy changes to my diet has improved my memory and brainpower already.

So, again, thank you, and I’ll be recommending your book to my clients and all of my friends (most of us are in our mid 40’s).

All the best with your mission!

Sarah Jamieson

This is your opportunity to find out the secrets of a youthful mind!

See yourself living the life your success deserves, and living it today.

Alert, confident, sharp and knowledgeable.
This is you at your best – this is you, the person everyone relies on to be right.
No matter where you are in your career, or  community group, your youthful memory will makes it possible.

Your memory powers will be the key to your success. You will be thought of as younger.

Think of yourself exceeding your goals and your career climbing again instead of waning.

  • You are confident and decisive in what you do.
  • You are not embarrassed by forgetting names, faces or important details.
  • Your life is on track and you are in control of what happens to you – you’re happy!
  • Your family will love the positive and youthful changes in you.

If you could design your own best possible future, what would it look like? Will you be alert, sharp, confident and successful?

We’d love to help you reach those dreams.

If you don’t change your thinking and your behavior then your life won’t change. Your dreams will remain only wishful thinking.

Change Yourself. Change Your Life.

You know, it wasn’t until I began to take my sister Ally’s advice about my memory that I saw that my memory confidence had been slipping without my realizing it. Thank goodness I listened! Now I’m running my own business, traveling frequently and I’ve had two more job offers in this last week! That’s not bad for someone who thought she had retired! My youthful memory has opened up new horizons for me and I know it can for you, too.

Announcing Edition 3 of our new book,
Your Commitment to Your Future:

Seven Second Memory, Edition 3

Memory Techniques that Will Change Your Life.
Rewire Your Brain for a Youthful Mind.

Discover how you can literally regrow your brain and reverse the aging process,transforming your memory.

seven-second-memory-ed-3Check out what you’ll find in this amazing new book:

  • How to harness your seven second memory
  • The six key memory skills that will give you a youthful memory
  • Simple techniques for regrowing your brain power and helping you to remember
  • How to never again forget a face or a name
  • The seven easy-to-do memory techniques that will keep your youthful memory alert
  • Practical techniques that you can use now in your personal and professional life
  • How your brain works and why you sometimes forget
  • Lifestyle strategies to support your youthful memory

That’s only a snippet of what you’ll find in “The Seven Second Memory” .
These powerful memory habits are too vital to keep to ourselves -
download this book now and begin growing your youthful memory in as little as 5 minutes.

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“Easy to read and concrete things that I could do straight away”

Easy to read with lots of concrete things that I could do straight away. That’s what makes “Seven Second Memory” a must-have.
I won’t forget you, Gillian (Bad joke, sorry!). Thank you.

Andrew McCallum

Success Story #3

Gillian and I have never met personally, however we have established an ongoing relationship via my request of her to send me more information regarding her powerful memory techniques in her course entitled: “Seven Second Memory”.  As a Senior Model, I am often called upon to memorize scripts for commercials and her work with Dr. Allison Lamont has so enriched my abilities and provided me with much more confidence when I get before the cameras. I also come from a long line of women who are known for their “forgetfulness” and I have learned the secrets as to just why this is so from reading the lessons she had provided for me. Look into this…you won’t be disappointed!

Barbara Farrell, USA

What are these memory secrets worth to you?

After all of the years of research and observation done by Dr Lamont, her findings could easily be regarded as priceless. The new, 2009, understandings about memory, and their implications for baby boomers, are absolutely worth that. After all, what price would you put on a razor-sharp memory, keeping your job and being in line for promotion?

Dr Lamont’s new research was published for academics and is available from Amazon for $122.12NZ for the softcover edition.
My previous work is used as a textbook in various international courses.

You don’t need to wade through the raw data or pay $122.12, because we’ve written a book just for you, and this 116-page full-color memory plan is a bargain at $17

Dr Lamont's Book

Seven Second Memory, based on Ally’s research findings, is worth at least $122.12. Unlike other books that have been around for a while, Seven Second Memory pinpoints exactly what you need to do to regrow your brain connections and shows you, step-by-step, how to regain your youthful brain age.

This is a complete, 116-page, memory plan for you.

The whole book is easy to read, contains clear instructions, gives examples and a memory agility workout. It’s a PLAIN English guide book to a younger brain age. It’s easy to follow, and logical. We baby boomers have a lot of life left ahead of us and we want to make the most of it!

Seven Second Memory stands out from other on-line training material because it is written by an experienced educator and trainer and by a leading neuro-science expert. And there are two other bonuses for you as well.

“Seven Second Memory” 3-book package is a bargain at $17!
You are probably wondering why this gem is so affordable? In hardback it would need to be so much more.
But in the digital world, I can pass $120 savings on to you.

Downloading to your computer can be done in minutes. You can be making a start on regrowing your brain in less than 5 minutes.

And I’m sure you’ll be sharing those secrets with your friends in no time, too!

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“I couldn’t stop ‘turning’ the pages!“

“Thank you for taking the time to give this information to me, and others like me. I couldn’t stop turning the pages and trying out the exercises. I’ve been worried about why I was forgetting and now I know what I have to do to remember the way I used to; it’s come just in time.”

Jan Jamieson
New Zealand

$27 is a small deposit on the future you can achieve with this knowledge. When you think of it, that’s not even a decent meal out!


You have absolute security with my 60 Day, 100% , No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee

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Brain Food, Food for Thought

Nutrition for Maximum Mental Performance and Regrowing Your Brain


Brain Food: Food for Thought

Find out what’s good for your youthful brain – and what isn’t!

Brain Food, Food for Thought
How much is eating to regrow your brain worth to you?
Do you feel as if you are eating all the wrong things? And that there must be a healthier way to live? Poor nutrition is spoiling the life you COULD be living, right now.
Imagine if someone would plan the week’s meals and write the shopping list for you. If someone would just point the way and get you started on a whole new way of eating (and living)? Wouldn’t life be so much better?

In Brain Food, Food for Thought here are just a few of the things you will find out:

  • Why water is so good for you
  • What is The 8 Step Brain Eating Plan
  • A checklist of vitamins you need
  • The mystery of High GI and Low GI
  • The supplement story – what you should be taking
  • Good fats and Bad fats
  • Brain boosting recipes and a shopping list!

The ‘Brain Food, Food for Thought’ eBook will make a huge difference to the way your youthful brain regrows; that’s why it is included in this package when you purchase your copy of the “Seven Second Memory ebook today.

When Children Become Parents

A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Alzheimer’s in your Family


When Children become Parents

Alzheimer’s Disease (and memory loss) is the Number One fear of baby boomers.
No-one wants to end up with memory loss and living in care …. but what if it strikes someone in your family?

This is a personal story of Jenny and her family.

You will learn :

  • What are the worrying signs?
  • How did we know this was Alzheimer’s?
  • Practical things like which clothes are best
  • Tips for communicating and helping her to remember
  • How to cope with difficult behavior
  • How to keep her amused and engaged all day

This is another  ebook that you will be a godsend if you are already coping with Alzheimer’s – and you will want to get a copy for your friends, also.
With the “Seven Second Memory ” ebook, you will receive your own copy of When Children Become Parents.
You will gain an insight into this distressing condition – and you will know what to do!

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are coping with Alzheimer’s – be the one who knows the facts and can help those around you. Stop worrying and take action.

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Gillian Eadie

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